June 2, 2021

A few things I’ve learned along the way…

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Every day I am blessed with the opportunity to have coached a lot of individuals towards their goals in their life—both personally and professionally—as well as personally strived to be a great husband, father, and entrepreneur for well over a decade.  That, coupled with being a natural noticer out of the habits formed as a kid, I have come to some fairly concise keys to success which also serve as a guide for opportunities to improve.  People who are successful, by whatever their definition may be, typically possess and execute upon the understanding of 4 crucial elements.

1. Clarity.  Take the time to know what you want out of life.  This is not dress rehearsal and this world consistently rewards the decided heart.

2. People.  Align with people who challenge you to be your best because they want the best for you, because they love you.  Spend time with those who put wind in your sails and are not simply along for the ride but want to participate in the journey with you.

3. Process.  Disciplined action—regardless of how you feel in a given day.  And measure your progress—what you measure matters.  Highly successful people know that action TODAY is the main controllable.  Put energy into that and let the rest work itself out.

4. Time.  Compound interest should be listed as the 8th wonder of the world.  There is nothing more powerful than time and consistency.  I was just at the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago.  It serves a great example of what can happen when you just keep after it.  Far too many people give up too early and never get to experience the 8th wonder of the world.

Look at the list above.  What is your biggest opportunity?

Attack it…TODAY.  I will be in the fight with you, as I am on the same journey.

Wishing you massive success,

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