It all started with a Super Bowl win.

When the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII, John was inspired by Pete Carroll's "Always Compete" philosophy and wondered what our philosophy was. Adriane reminded him that he always says "Love the Process!" and the Pfeil family philosophy was born!

After Super Bowl XLIX, when the Seahawks took home a rough loss, we felt the need to share "Love the Process" with the world. 

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"When individuals learn to Love the Process, they get to lead the lives they were meant to live."

Whether working with corporations, teams, or individuals - our goals at Love the Process are the same. To help you identify what's important and then begin to take action to move toward that.

So, what's important to you? Are you building a rock star sales team? Are you raising ballers while working on a side hustle? Are you unsure what "success" means to you? 

Whatever it is, you're in the right place. We are a team that believes in you and your dreams and we are excited to walk alongside you as you get after it...whatever that means for you!


Be a leading edge for individuals and teams.


Eliminate unnecessary human suffering.


1. Help others
2. Do the right thing
3. Always improving
4. Have fun
5. Just do it

"When teams and organizations learn to Love the Process, they become a standard of excellence in the arenas that they compete."

John Pfeil

With over 20 years of coaching & 35 years of entrepreneurial experience, John brings vision & courage to the LTP team to go beyond what anyone can imagine. His heart for helping others realize their dreams keeps him pushing himself and our team farther.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Meet the dream team





The Score Takes Care of Itself

cold brew coffee - no room

golfing + boating

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 a little bit every day


Adriane Pfeil

Adriane's career started in process improvement with heavy focus on implementing lean at a manufacturing company. As she progressed, her heart grew for the leaders she walked through change management. Her focus on the process, behind the scenes nitty-gritty, and the development of our team are invaluable.

COO + Chief Heart OFficer





The Lazy Genius Way

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how to live in the moment


Brooklyn Montana

Brooklyn keeps the wheels on the bus at Love the Process as she organizes, plans and connects. She brings a light to those around her and makes us all feel invited to pursue excellence. Her love for coaching basketball assists in her ability to see a gap and work to fill it.

Chief of Staff + Chief Inviter





Atomic Habits

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3 wing 2


how to become her best


Jessie Griffin

Jessie is a recent graduate from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs). She studied Media and Communications, enjoys mixing it up on the dance floor, and brings joy to our office on the daily.

Videography & Content Manager





Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

iced soy vanilla latte

dancing + graduating

6 wing 7


in One Mission Mindset


Jeff Moors

Jeff holds a BA in Communications from Nebraska Wesleyan University and a MA in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. He enjoys golfing, road tripping, and spending time with his wife Heidi and their two kids Cole and Hazel. He believes every day is a gift and an opportunity to ask yourself, “What am I capable of today?”

VP client Engagement





The Slight Edge

cold brew coffee

today + family-time

3 wing 2


to be more courageous


“Just grateful - can't even explain it, but I just keep showing up and getting stronger every day.”

Love the Process Customer

so they say:

Team Time

Business trips are definitely a highlight for our team! We love to travel!

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The office is on Lake Washington, so we take the boat for lunch on sunny days when we can!

Our headquarters is located outside of Seattle, WA

My Favorite Things

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my guilty pleasure

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