September 1, 2021

Everyone is a Leader

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John writes most of the blog posts for Love the Process and Adriane will pop in from time to time with a thought to share. Be on the lookout for the Love the Process book, written by John, releasing in 2022!


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As football season quickly approaches, I wanted to give you a summary of one of the all-time great NFL Coaches—Bill Walsh—take on the qualities of successful leaders.

1. Be the best version of Yourself
2. Be committed to excellence. There are no shortcuts.
3. Be positive. Teach and talk about what to do.
4. Be prepared. Good luck is often a byproduct of being prepared.
5. Be detail oriented. Perfect performance details but always move forward.
6. Be organized. Think clearly with a disciplined mind.
7. Be accountable. Excuses are the refuge of cowards & the building blocks to a house of failure.
8. Be present & future oriented. Concentrate fully on the task at hand with overall perspective.
9. Be fair. Treat people good & always show others respect.
10. Be firm. There is no budging on the standards of performance.
11. Be flexible to the route.
12. Be self-confident.

EVERYONE has a role to play & EVERYONE is a LEADER. I hope this list above helps better understand what that can look like as, Lord knows, the world needs us all to be great leaders.

Let’s Go!
– John

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