May 25, 2022

How Disciplined Are You?

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John writes most of the blog posts for Love the Process and Adriane will pop in from time to time with a thought to share. Be on the lookout for the Love the Process book, written by John, releasing in 2022!


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Love the Process is a BIG idea. PSA: Love is not synonymous for enjoy. While the love of the process will bring about an increase in confidence, joy, and fulfillment, the key is to translate the love of the process into disciplined thought and action.

Discipline is moving from feeling to choices. When you make a choice it is done. When you take action based on how you feel, you will likely sell yourself way short of what is possible.

So ask yourself today, “How disciplined am I?”

When we lack discipline, it is often because we lack clarity. Do whatever it takes to set your feet and get clear on who you are. Then what you chose to do based on that clarity will come easy. And those actions will lead to your destiny over time.
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