April 27, 2022

How is your integrity today?

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How is your integrity today? By that I mean, how well did you line up with your values and did you do all that you resolved to do? Successful people keep their commitments and do the things they said they would do, even long after the feeling in which they committed to doing them has left. This is the slight edge that leads to massive success.

Do yourself a favor before you go to bed tonight…ask yourself, “Did I do all the things that I set out to do? To what degree did I make excuses to defer those things for another day?”

Regardless of your answer, remember that tomorrow never gets here and yesterday is never coming back…it is always TONIGHT. So let’s attack this day with integrity and then go do it again “TODAY.”

A wise man once said it this way: to thine own self be true.
Let’s GO!

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