July 29, 2021

Just Keep Swimming

Love The Process

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John writes most of the blog posts for Love the Process and Adriane will pop in from time to time with a thought to share. Be on the lookout for the Love the Process book, written by John, releasing in 2022!


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What a great story Lydia Jacoby is. With her fellow American two lanes over from her and swimming next to the Russian Olympic medal winner, she sent Alaskans and Americans into a frenzy. If you didn’t tear up watching that young woman start fast, compete, and finish strong with the eyes of the world upon her, I want to check your pulse!

I love what my daughter, Malibu, said when watching the 13 year old girl from Brazil skate at the highest level, “I could be in the Olympics…if I was really good at something.” I’d add that it would need to be something that is an event in the Olympics…but great insight!

Regardless of the stage that you compete on, I challenge us all to become so good at what we do that we become impossible to be ignored. To do ordinary things in such an extraordinary way that we command the attention of the world.

That is the stuff that the US is in need of and the stuff that the world is in need of. And there simply are no shortcuts. We must embrace the work, the trials, the failures, the successes, and the fears.

Simply: we must learn to LOVE THE PROCESS in all that we do and this will lead to a lift in all areas that matter most.

The BEST part is we have found that this love of the process is a skill that can be learned and acquired which gives me great hope as we go forward.

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