May 19, 2021

Who told you it was going to be easy?

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In our family we have a saying that “it’s supposed to be hard.”  This idea is to recognize the resistance that occurs as you engage in the process of growing and becoming something greater.  So often, people begin to face resistance and difficulty, and they give up.  As you may know I have trained hundreds of people in what I call a 1440 mindset.  This is the idea of focusing on maximizing the 1440 minutes each day and applying your energy and resources as effectively as possible every day.

What I have discovered is highly performing people have developed a tough mind and body that allows them to push thru the resistance.  Clarity is one of the best tools for a strong 1440 mindset.  The day is often won in the final 10 minutes before bed and in the first 10 minutes of waking up.  Think about that – 20 minutes of 1440 each day often determines the success of the rest of the day.  I am going to give 3 key tips to these 20 minutes that, when applied consistently, give a major lift to performance over time.

1. Plan tomorrows work today.  At night put down on paper (or your phone notepad can work) what 3-7 things are most important for you to accomplish the next day.  You may have something that is carried over from the current day—that is OK.  Put them in order of priority.  The top thing on the list should be the most important so if it takes most of the day to get that task done it is ok, because it’s top priority.  Again, fight thru the resistance to get the most important things done each day!
2. Early to rise & destroy the snooze button.  Across the board, successful people do not over value sleep.  They respect the necessity of sleep to recharge their minds and bodies but they do not fall in love with the activity itself.  Practice a saying in the morning to yourself when your alarm goes off; that is consistent and gets your mind fired up and engaged.  I say this often, “hello day, I look forward to getting after you!”  I also have a saying, “once you hit snooze, you lose.”  Know that your mind can override your body.  If you feel tired, your mind can tell your body differently—take control of your mind right when you wake up.
3. Connect spiritually.  For many this is thru prayer and short meditation.  For others this may be simply writing down a few items that you are grateful for.  The length of this process can vary individually, but the ability to consistently ground yourself thru this morning routine is vital to the success of your day.

As I often say when I speak and teach—don’t trust me on these ideas…TEST ME.  Put them into practice and be attentive to your results.  Finally, do not forget how we started this WINsday thought.  Prepare and expect challenges, difficulties, and opportunities for growth.  Train your mind to lean into them with the understanding that on the other side of the resistance is growth. 

Wishing you an awesome WINsday.
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